David (dy) Young

Coaching · sustainability · Health · Mentorship · food waste reduction

About Me

How did I wind up doing what I do? At some point, we all ask that for better or worse and I am no exception. It wasn’t a grand plan or a ladder climb. It was just being around good people that showed me working hard meant working hard to be a part of the solution. It meant being brave/dumb/stubborn enough to lay out answers and ideas not knowing if they would fix or fail. It meant if you told someone you would do something, you did it. It meant earning the respect through doing the time. Own your $h1t. Share your victories and claim your mistakes. Period. People are good, they are smart, they want to excel. Let them do so by doing same so they can emulate good leadership. The laggards will drop off when “working for it” enters the equation. Act like a leader. Prior roles as a Creative Director, Experience Design Director, Motion Director and as a game designer for special needs students all prepared me for designing beyond textbook behavior models. I believe that the audience is smart and curious–we should never assume otherwise or design without that in mind. I have worked in product, strategy, business development, marketing, creative and management.