Victor Mancini

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About Me

Victor has been working as a multi-disciplinary designer for over eight years, with roots in Industrial Design, he has been able to fuse creative and technical methodologies to deliver innovative results. Since the beginning of his design journey, he has found massive success by using a human centered design approach to problem-solving. His passion for creating meaningful products along with his discipline has led him to win awards for both conceptual and tangible products. A few years into his career, Victor saw an opportunity to positively impact more people by transitioning to work in a digital environment. He was able to adapt ideologies and frameworks which he learnt for physical objects and apply them to services and experiences. By co-designing and using an empathetic and open-minded approach, he is able to convert insights into business opportunities. Today, Victor works with organisations through each step of the process; research, synthesis, ideation, and implementation. His skills lie in facilitating workshops, conducting research, brainstorming broad stroke ideas and using visuals as a means for communication. He also has first hand experience working with startups and getting a product to market.