The Future of Urgent COVID-19 Response Innovation in the Global South

The Future of Urgent COVID-19 Response Innovation in the Global South
Thu, Oct 1, 2020, 8:45 AM (PDT)

About this event

On Thursday, October 1st, we’re excited to host a culminating convening for this initiative. We hope for this event to be both an honest reflection on the difficulty of this global pandemic and a moment of celebration of how different communities are adapting rapidly to meet their own needs, as they have historically. 

Cross-Disciplinary Panel + Ideas Pitch Session + Open Conversation

This event will include a panel during which attendees will hear from experts in the field, an Ideas pitch session to learn more about the top selected concepts, and an open conversation to build connective tissue across a community of innovators tackling this challenge.

Alongside OpenIDEO and La Victoria Lab, the event will be framed by our Challenge Advisory Team. This event will also be an opportunity for selected concepts to receive visibility and relationship building, to support with additional investment and localized implementation.

Learn more about the COVID-19 Health and Livelihoods Challenge and view submitted ideas


  • Will Durbin

    Will Durbin

    USAID's Center for Innovation & Impact

    Innovation Team Lead

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  • Juliana Uribe Villegas

    Juliana Uribe Villegas



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  • Bright Shitemi

    Bright Shitemi

    Mental 360

    Executive Director

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  • Luis Delgado

    Luis Delgado

    Lapsus School


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  • Delfina Irazusta

    Delfina Irazusta

    Innovación Local

    Executive Director

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  • Juliano Seabra

    Juliano Seabra

    Inter-American Development Bank

    Chief of the Innovation & Creativity Division

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  • Hector Pourtale

    Hector Pourtale

    El Movimiento by Roche


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  • Maria Alejandra Campos

    Maria Alejandra Campos

    La Victoria Lab


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  • Chapter Organizers

  • Daniela Restrepo Ortiz

    Daniela Restrepo Ortiz

    Program Manager

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  • Alex Nana-Sinkam

    Alex Nana-Sinkam

    Portfolio Lead, Global Equity

  • Isaac Jumba

    Isaac Jumba

    Community Designer

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  • Robyn Park

    Robyn Park

    Content Marketing Manager

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  • Brett Watson

    Brett Watson

    Performance Marketing Specialist

  • Danielle Shingleton

    Danielle Shingleton

    Community Specialist

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  • Luisa Covaria

    Luisa Covaria


    Senior Director

  • ChiChi Off

    ChiChi Off

    Partnerships Associate

  • Matthew Ridenour

    Matthew Ridenour


    Senior Portfolio Manager

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