K-12 Education Panel Discussion: What we learned in the COVID era and how we move forward

Engage with key stakeholders in K-12 education from the Los Angeles area, including parents, teachers, and administrators from LAUSD and OUHSD. We'll discuss the impact of COVID and virtual learning on students and the broader education community and uncover challenges and opportunities for the Education Re(Open) challenge.

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About this event

How might we strengthen school communities as sites reopen by highlighting solutions that reconnect people and enhance collective wellbeing, teaching, and learning?


Join us from 11 am to 12 pm PST on Sunday, May 2nd, for an exciting discussion on the impact of COVID-19 and virtual learning on students, teachers, and other stakeholders in K-12 education. You'll hear perspectives from our panel of parents, teachers, and school administrators on ways to strengthen our school communities and how to leverage learnings from the past year to support student development.

You'll be able to ask panelists your questions and share your ideas for ways to enhance collective wellbeing, teaching, and learning in K-12 education. 


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