London Chapter: The Food Systems Game Changers Challenge night!

About this event

Date: Thursday 22nd of April (Earth day)

Time: 18.30 (6.30pm) to 20.30 (8.30pm) 

Capacity: 65 people maximum

What to expect 

We'll be spending the evening working collaboratively on audio and video (if you can!) primarily using discussion and Miro virtual whiteboards (More info on how to use Miro below). We have three activities planned over 2 hours (with breaks!) to get you working collaboratively on this challenge idea regardless of what you might label yourself: Entrepreneur, Designer, Thinker, Researcher, Student, Food Producer and more! all are welcome as long as you have the spirit of collaboration in you.

Please read the challenge outline on the Open IDEO webpage: 

Bring an idea to pitch to other friendly folks at the event - it doesn't have to be fancy or deep just your own response to " How might we build a better food future for everyone, everywhere?"

For example: "What if people on low income had better access to healthy foods?" or "What if people who sell food produce could sell more effectively to more food services?"

Keep your idea to 30 seconds or 1 minute to say out loud and follow up explanation!

Together in small groups, you'll work through a chosen idea to develop a stronger case for a challenge submission and find projects and ideas that you can continue to work on if you want to! The process of working on one idea is of benefit to everyone who may want to submit so don't worry if you don't end up working on your idea, the process is the most important part :)

Please join our discord server to chat with others working on the challenges: 

Our Agenda 

1. Introduction and Welcome - Large group presentation

2. Exercise 1 - Stakeholder Mapping and U.N. Framing Questions - Small groups activity

3. Exercise 2: Finding Evidence - Small paired activity

4. Exercise 3: Your Intended Impact Headline - Small groups activity

5. Wrap-up and Goodbye! - Large group presentation

Who should come along?

We welcome everyone regardless of what experience you might have in either Open IDEO challenges or design-related activities. We've planned our activities that they should be accessible to everyone and we'll have facilitators and hosts on hand to support during the event.

Our events purpose is to help those people who might want to submit a challenge idea, or already have to be in the best place they can be when submissions are reviewed. This also means you can come along to purely support another person's idea.

Our Tools

Our workshop collaboration is coming up and we’re incredibly excited to have you join us. We’ll be using an online tool called Miro and we wanted to prepare you ahead of time with a little fun icebreaker exercise and a few prompts.

This shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes and the goal is to get you online and familiar with our main tool for the session.

Meet Miro!

If you haven’t used Miro before - don’t you worry.

It’s an intuitive online tool for workshops and collaborating. Pretty cute to boot and a lifesaver these past few months for us creatives.

Don’t be intimidated - it’s friendly and simple to use.

Here are some super short but informative videos to help you get started.

Logging in early and having a little play with the software will help make your experience on the day of the workshop just a wee bit easier.

We recommend the following short numbers:




Test it out!

Wielding your newly found Miro skills, now is the time to put those new moves to the test.

Click here to test: 

Follow the board prompts...

First - we would love for you to put a post-it note up with your name. Change the post-it colour. Change the font. Have a play!

We here at OpenIDEO London Chapter love a good meme. 2020 has been quite a year so we’d love to see your favourite meme. I have already started to get that board going so please join in! You are also welcome to leave a comment on someone else’s meme or better yet try and put a star on a meme you love.

Now that you’re no longer a Miro-novice… you are good to go!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Don’t worry - we’ll be on hand to help should you have any issues. 


Thursday, Apr 22
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (BST)


  • Eriol Fox

    Eriol Fox

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    Lead Designer

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  • Daniel Tuitt

    Daniel Tuitt

    Senior Service Designer

  • Rob Thompson

    Rob Thompson

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    Kyle Soo

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    Rinelle Villareal

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