COVID - 19: Re-imagine Learning Challenge 新冠肺炎: 如何啓發我們重新想像學習的可能?

Hong Kong Chapter
Sat, May 16, 2020, 10:00 AM (HKT)

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As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, a majority of countries have announced the temporary closure of schools.  In HK, educators, parents and caregivers have been finding ways to keep children learning at home since Feb.  We are fortunate that the epidemic situation has shown signs of easing and the Education Bureau has announced arrangements of class resumption in phases starting in late May.  However, many countries are going through similar challenges we had earlier.  This is why the COVID-19 Reimagine Learning Challenge was born. We hope we could share our experience and learning with the global community and discuss ideas around imagining learning for post-COVID.

IDEO, in partnership with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), The Teachers Guild and School Retool has launched the challenge and we invite you to join us to answer the following question:

How might we help educators, parents, and students adapt to remote learning while also using this moment to radically reimagine what we need our education system to be?

We aim to offer an open and collaborative space to share experiences, build connections and community, as well as opportunities for resources and funding. 

Join us on May 16 at 10am by clicking below link.

Language: Cantonese

To find out more details about the challenge, please click here.

隨著新冠肺炎肆虐下,全球多國宣佈停課。 自2月起,香港的教育工作者、家長都迅速適應及協助學生『在家學習』,並做到『停課不停學』。幸好,香港最近疫情有所緩和,教育局亦宣布於5月底開始分階段安排復課。但是,很多國家仍在經歷我們之前遇到的挑戰,我們希望藉此讓大家能分享寶貴經驗、互相啟發和構想教學新方向。

IDEO, 與國際教育技術協會 (ISTE)教師協會 The Teachers Guild史丹福大學設計研究學院 School Retool 合作,發起討論這個議題,我們誠邀你分享你對以下問題的見解:



 於5月16日: 1000 登入以下連結參加網上研討會!

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